Year 2/P3 Pack v3.0


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The ABC Creative Music Pack for Year 2/Primary 3 contains:

  • A hard-wearing ring-binder with over 40 laminated lesson plans.
  • Simple step-by-step Instructions written like a script, so if you've not had time to prepare, read out the lesson plan to run the class.
  • 2 Audio CDs with over 2 hours of music.
  • Age-appropriate composition system: 2 laminated A3 Teaching Aids and over 70 velcro-backed playing card sized icons, in 4 sets: Shapes (Square, Circle, Triangle, Shhh), Animal Noises (Woof, Miaow, Oink and Moo), Actions (Clap, Jump, Stomp, Woo and Play), and Percussion Sounds (Shake,Tap/Scrape, Ting, Boom).
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Product Description

The ABC Creative Music Pack for Year 2/Primary 3:

  • Contains 45 progressive child-centred creative music activities.
  • Easy to use for ALL staff, even those who feel unconfident with music.
  • Children compose and perform with animal noises, actions, untuned and tuned percussion-
    using child-friendly teaching aids.
  • Simple language and a clear colourful layout- designed for everyday use in a busy classroom.
  • Curricular planning and assessment sheets for aCFE or NC/Keystages.
  • Explore further the musical concepts higher/lower/same (pitch) and fast and slow (tempo or speed).
  • Explore a musical scale pictured on a staircase, learning to use their ears to find an animal character hiding behind one stair/one note of the scale- to develop finer pitch perception.
  • Compose short sequences of music on untuned percussion and chime bars, performing them with a rhythmic count as a group.
  • Conduct loud and soft sounds on percussion, and performing a song about loud and soft sounds.
  • Compose longer sequences of percussion sounds with a more interesting structure.
  • Explore materials: What sounds can you make with things made from plastic?
  • Recognise different types of instruments and how they are played.
  • Explore easy-to-use shape notation- to compose and play rhythms as a class- Square = 1 sound per beat, Circle = two sounds per beat.


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