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      • A new way to teach creative music in Primary schools through your interactive whiteboard.
      • Child-friendly activities guarantee clear musical outcomes, but give children control,
        creating real ownership and achievement.
      • So simple you can deliver a very effective programme, even if you feel unconfident about music.

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Primary Online

Features of ABC Online:  
  • ABC meets your curriculum and expressive arts targets and allows you to use creative music to explore interdisciplinary teaching of themes and topics.
  • Colourful on-screen interactive activities help your children establish creative skills in lower primary, composing with animal noises, actions and percussion sounds.
  • Age-appropriate sounds and symbols develop in sophistication as children grow.
  • In Middle Primary, your children start to work in groups with downloadable handouts, composing and performing with rhythm, pitch and words/lyrics.
  • Powerful X-factor style auditions drives rehearsal, performance skills development and peer feedback, so your children become experienced and confident performers of their own music, unlocking the joy of social music-making for all children.
  • Use our unique shape notation for rhythm- to allow all children to compose and perform their own rhythms from Year2/P3 onwards.
  • If you are a Music Specialist, move between the easy-to-use shape notation and conventional rhythmic notation and the stave.
Yes, ABC Music programmes are designed for everyone to use- especially non-specialists teachers. You don’t have to sing, read music or play an instrument to lead this programme really well.
We work hard to make these courses easy for busy teachers to use, by providing: Lesson plans written in simple language with clear layout.
  • Everything you need to teach on the website.
  • Teacher’s Guides offers loads of tips.
  • A Support website with On-line Training videos and FAQs.
  • Curriculum planning- with downloadable planning sheets for CFE and KS.
  • On-line Training videos.
  • On-line traffic light assessment which you can save online and print out for reports on individual children or the whole class.
  • ABC Creative Music Online develops:

    • Active listening skills, visual attention, gross and fine motor skills, language and social skills,
    • Literacy and mathematical skills and concepts through the use of symbols and numbers.
    • A sense of rhythm and pitch, as well as instrumental and singing skills.

    For example, The ABC Music for Reception/P1 course helps children:

    • Explore sound and silence,
    • Hear and perform different numbers of sounds,
    • Explore a basic set of percussion instruments and their sounds,
    • Choose and perform sounds and actions with a rhythmic count.
    • Explore materials: what sounds can you make with paper?

    ABC Music for Year 1/P2 helps children:

    • Explore the musical concepts loud and soft, high and low (pitch) and fast and slow (tempo or speed)
    • Perform with beats and bars at different speeds
    • Explore a wider range of classroom percussion and a new set of percussion icons
    • Learn to play chime bars and tuned percussion, composing some simple music as a group using animal symbols.
    • Explore materials: What sounds can you make with things made from wood?

    ABC Music for Year 2/P3 helps children:

    • Develop their sense of pitch and rhythm further.
    • Compose short sequences of music on untuned percussion and chime bars, performing them with a rhythmic count as a group.
    • Conduct loud and soft sounds on percussion, and learning a song about loud and soft sounds.
    • Compose longer sequences with a more complex structure.
    • Explore materials: What sounds can you make with things made from plastic?
    • Recognise different types of instruments and how they are played.

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    Yes, there are 6 core skills you need to know as a teacher, and you need to know how to navigate the website. You can sign up for a free online taster or online training here. Our training sessions are very friendly, designed for non-specialists and those who feel unconfident of teaching music, and they are highly rated by attendees, with over 92% rating them as ‘very' or ‘extremely' effective. Oh, and they are lots of fun.
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    The ABC website transformed music in our school. The activities are fun and the children get a real sense of achievement from completing them. I love using the website as everything is at your fingertips – from clear instructions to the music needed for each activity.
    Jane Andrew, Class Teacher, East Ayrshire