Provided in sets of 8 or 11, each mini-jute bag contains an identical set
of untuned percussion instruments, so no time is wasted arguing over who gets what!


As well as untuned percussion each bag contains a colour-coded pitched bell and chime bar- linked to the colour and number on the label, helping children to learn about colours and numbers, while exploring pitch and developing pitch perception.

ABC Instrument Bag for Early Years and SEN/ASN:

8-bag set- £290 + VAT including P&P to the UK and NI.

11-bag set- £380 + VAT including P&P to the UK and NI.

If you are not completely satisfied, return sets in resellable condition,
and we’ll refund the full purchase price and any return postage.

More Information

Lots of activity instructions in ABC Musicality resources for Early Years show educators how to lead activities with all the instruments including colour-coded pitched materials- using grids, stand-on icons (which can be placed on the floor so children can stand on the icon to conduct other children to play the pitched bells and chime bars of that colour) and composition sticker sets- plus linked activities on iPad and website.

And there is plenty of advice to help children enjoy using percussion and pitched bells during freeplay.

This format is a fantastic, flexible instrumental resource for this age-group;
perfect for use with a key group, while flexible, easy-to-use and clear away during Freeplay.

The labels contain a visual contents list- and children enjoy checking each bag contains the right instruments.

Children love choosing which instrument to play, copying another child’s choice, and putting the instruments back in the bag- which is great when you want want some peace and quiet!

Each set of instrument bags comes with a set of drums and beaters: 3 drums with the 8 bag set, and 4 drums with the 11 bag set.

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Further Details:

ABC Instrument Bags are available as eight bag sets- (keyworker + 7 children- numbers 1-8), and eleven bag sets (keyworker + 10 children- numbers 0-10)- but other sizes of sets are available, and nurseries could buy a 5 bag set, and add bags later- and larger sets are available for Primary classes.

ABC Instrument Bags offer a range of wooden and metal instruments, with
4 one-handed instruments– cluster bells, maracas, tambourine (shake) and pitched bells
4 two-handed instruments– Woodblock/Scraper, Chime Bar, Triangle, tambourine (hit).
and pitched instruments for both one-handed (pitched bell) and two-handed playing (chime-bar and beater).

Other Educational Benefits:

i) Saves Time

Eliminates arguments over who has which instrument, and saves the time at the start of session
when each child chooses an instrument, and makes putting instruments away quick and easy.

ii) Provides a quick way of reducing noise in the nursery floor-

‘Let’s all put our instuments back in our bags.”

iii) Provides easy storage for instruments.

iv) Offers a range of other educational benefits:

Each child can choose from a range of instruments:-

Educator can use the bear puppet to choose one instrument from the bag,
then other children find the same instrument and copy how it is played.
A child can choose and plays one instrument from their bag- then other children and the Educator copy.

Children can play several different instruments in one session.

Educators can control how many instruments are in each bag- eg by introducing some activities with just two instruments.

Creates Ownership and Focal Point for Instrument work: ‘This is my bag!’

Structures layout and focusses instrument work for very young children. ‘Sit by your bag!’

Educators can work with pre-verbal children, taking instruments out of the bags using
minimal language. ‘Look, Jane! What ‘s this? Listen! (plays instrument) Now you play it.’

The Bag can be used as a reference point: Children can place and play instruments inside the bag, behind, in front, to the left,
to the right and above the bag- offering a range of learning opportunities:

v) Link to Symbols:

The instruments link to ABC Stand-On A3 Instrument icons- with an exact match between the images on the icons and
the actual instruments in bag- reducing processing time for young children.