Early Years to Primary Transition Personal Development Through African Drumming & Dance P1-7 Creativity, Language & Literacy Focus
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Closing the poverty-related attainment gap means providing alternate pathways to learning when current approaches aren’t working.

We believe passionately that music, creativity and performance can transform a pupil’s experience in her classroom and can change the relationship with his class, teacher, school and learning journey.

Music can be the reason a child comes into school everyday.

Feedback from ABC Creative Music Teachers:


The children love the activities and resources in ABC.
I am privileged to have been teaching music across the school from P2-P7 for the last number of years
and have delighted in watching the progression, confidence and creativity growing in the children.
They build their skills in small incremental steps and are able to pull on precious learning. Fun for all.

The pupils enjoyed listening to the songs and presenting their own ideas.
They enjoyed listening to the video as this helped them create their own performances.

Pupils absolutely love it. It’s energetic and explains concepts clearly.

Pupils love ABC music. It is really interactive for them and gets them making music from P1.

Children have responded very positively and enjoy music lessons.
All children participate which is a good indicator of how effective it is.

Thoroughly enjoy, often leading to an audible “Yes!” when they see music timetabled.

They love it – in the short time we have had it the children and teachers
have reaped the benefit and are starting to enjoy music much more.

My pupils love ABC Music – all of the activities (even when they find them more challenging)
and they love watching me assess them online- all hoping for a GREEN, of course!

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