Musical creativity gives powerful, validating, multi-sensory & kinaesthetic experiences to children with ASN/SEND.

Go here to watch two beautiful videos of ABC Music resources in action in ASN/SEND settings- in Lochies School Clackmannanshire and Braidburn School Edinburgh.

ABC Music for ASN/SEND helps you make these experiences available to all your children, everyday.

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Features of the SEN Programme include:
  • Activities broken down into small steps with Supersized Icons and Teaching Aids in the SEN Resource packs.
  • Switch control for on-screen interactive activities. Teachers can set the length of time each choice is presented, to suit individual children. NB: Going live in April 2013- see demo here.
  • Guidance on including children with severe Physical Disability in making active choices in creative activities, and in responding to the choices of others.
  • Advice on leading creative music activities to children with a variety of needs- including Physical Disability, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum and Down Syndrome/Trisomy21.
ABC Activities offer distinct experiences for each child in your group.
  • Some children will vocalise accurately along with a song, or play in time with the correct beat.
  • Others will play or make sounds at different places in their own way.
  • Some will rock to the music, or show signs of pleasure hearing the musical activity of other children.
  • For each child, this will be a wonderful success.

The programme is available in both formats:

  • Traditional resource packs- laminated lesson plans in a ringbinder, with CDs and Teaching Aids.
  • As an online programme delivered through your interactive whiteboard, with interactive onscreen activities, online assessment and training videos- with interactives also available on iPad.

We know that most SEN teachers prefer the flexibility of both formats, so:

  • You get a 12-month’s free online subscription if you buy one or more resource packs.
  • Or get a free 30-day full access trial for the online-only option.

NB: Our 30-day risk-free guarantee applies to both online and resource pack options, and gives you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

ABC Music for SEN develops:

  • Active listening skills, visual attention, gross and fine motor skills, language and social skills,
  • Literacy and mathematical skills and concepts through the use of symbols and numbers .
    • a sense of rhythm and pitch, as well as instrumental and singing skills.

The ABC Music for SEN 1 course helps children:

  • Explore sound and silence,
  • Hear and perform different numbers of sounds,
  • Explore a basic set of percussion instruments and their sounds,
  • Choose and perform sounds and actions with a rhythmic count.
  • Explore materials: what sounds can you make with paper?

ABC Music for SEN 2 helps children:

  • Explore the musical concepts loud and soft, high and low (pitch) and fast and slow (tempo or speed)
  • Perform with beats and bars at different speeds
  • Explore a wider range of classroom percussion and a new set of percussion icons
  • Learn to play chime bars and tuned percussion, composing some simple music as a group using animal symbols.
  • Explore materials: What sounds can you make with things made from wood?

ABC Music for SEN 3 helps children:

  • Develop their sense of pitch and rhythm further.
  • Compose short sequences of music on untuned percussion and chime bars, performing them with a rhythmic count as a group.
  • Conduct loud and soft sounds on percussion, and learning a song about loud and soft sounds.
  • Compose longer sequences with a more complex structure.
  • Explore materials: What sounds can you make with things made from plastic?
  • Recognise different types of instruments and how they are played.

For more information, sign-up for a full-access 30-day Free Trial here.

Yes, ABC Music programmes are designed for everyone to use- especially non-specialists teachers. You don’t have to sing, read music or play an instrument to lead this programme really well.
ABC Music for ASN/SEN 1: is designed for children performing at the level of mainstream children in Reception (England) or 
P1 (Scotland) and for a range of ages and abilities in children with ASN/SEND- depending on their individual needs.   ABC Music for ASN/SEN 2: follows on from Pack 1 and is designed for children performing at the level of mainstream children in Year 1 (England) or 
P2 (Scotland) and for a range of ages and abilities in children with ASN/SEND- depending on their individual needs.   ABC Music for ASN/SEN 3: follows on from ASN/SEN 2 and is designed for Year 2 children in England, P3 children in Scotland and for a range of ages and abilities in children with ASN/SEN- depending on their individual needs. It can be used without ASN/SEN courses 1 & 2.   If you have children functioning at a level below mainstream Reception/P1, then you should look at our Musicality Resources for Early Years. These resources are used very successfully in a large number of ASN/SEND settings. Please contact for more information.
We work hard to make these courses easy for busy teachers to use, by providing: Lesson plans written in simple language with clear layout.
  • Everything you need to teach on the website.
  • Teacher’s Guides offers loads of tips.
  • A Support website with On-line Training videos and FAQs.
  • Curriculum planning- with downloadable planning sheets for CFE and KS.
  • On-line Training videos.
  • On-line traffic light assessment which you can save online and print out for reports on individual children or the whole class.
  • Yes, there are 6 core skills you need to know as a teacher to teach any ABC Courses, and you need to know how to navigate the website. There are some special training sessions focussed at working in ASN/SEN. Sign up for a free online taster or online training here.
    Yes! Go here to sign up for a 30-day full-access free trial. All our resource packs and sets of instrument bags come with full 30-day No Quibble Money-back guarantee.


    Move between difft tracks by clicking the |< or >| buttons.


    It’s been really welcomed by the staff. Very simple to use- 
everything is clearly laid out and very colourful…
    Rhoda MacDougall, Headteacher, Lochies School, Clackmannanshire