WINNERS of National Music Council (NMC) Diploma for Excellence 8 years in a row

ABC Creative Music P4 Pilot (Youth Music Initiative)

ABC Creative Music was commissioned by East Ayrshire to devise a Creative Music Resource for the Primary 4 stage as part of our implementation plan for YMI. The material was launched at a teachers’ in-set at the end of January 2005 and is now being used in 10 pilot schools involving approximately 550 pupils in 18 classes with a further 12 schools already signed up for phase 2. 

The inset day was excellent. Here’s what some teachers said: “a great experience and great fun!”, “I can’t wait to try this with my class”, and “professionally delivered in a thoroughly understandable way”. 

Key to the success of the partnership with ABC Caber Enterprises has been the ongoing support through the school visit programme. These visits, coupled with a series of follow-up training days, have really empowered and enthused staff and have contributed immensely to the long-term sustainability of the programme. 

The methodology and the materials develop pupils’ self-confidence and give them the skills with which to express themselves in a musical and imaginative way.

Finally and most importantly the feedback from pupils has been fantastic: Pupils really love the ABC Creative Music experience.




“I have been using ABC Creative Music’s P4, Upper Primary Module 1 and Singing Packs for the past 18 months with P4 -P7 and have found it a fantastic resource.

It is easy to use, so great for a busy classroom, but most importantly, I have seen the growing confidence and progression of children who were previously ‘turned off’ or bored by music in school.

The scheme breaks down the learning into achievable chunks, encourages participation and group work and most of the time, the children are having so much fun with the games and activities, they don’t actually realise they are learning!

I have watched many children progress from having no confidence in their understanding and ability to performing with enjoyment to the rest of the group. The scheme really develops their sense of rhythm, beat, pitch, teaches them how to create and perform a simple composition, read a basic musical score, and provides it in a way that is accessible to all – no matter what their previous knowledge is.

In terms of use, the activities allow for you, as the teacher, to be flexible depending on how the children are progressing.  The scheme revisits things regularly and I found this really helped build their confidence yet there is still plenty of scope and ideas for development and extension.  As I said, a fantastic resource for all... 

Kirstie Love, Queensferry Primary School




The singing pack provides clear guidelines and instructions for the class teacher to use. The CD’s and the DVD are very useful and can be used seperately or together. The greatest advantage of the pack is its flexibility. The lessons and activities are easily transferrable to any topic and allows the pupils greater scope for personalisation and choice as well as cross curricular links. It is very CfE friendly. The activities are practical and fun. When the pupils were told they were ‘doing’ music, there was a collective ‘Yes!’ from the class. The emphasis on performance is great and this was proven when the pupils performed their own raps at their class assembly. It went down a treat. 

Simon Leitch, Bellfield Primary School


The ABC Singing Pack is a valuable resource to have in the classroom, especially for teachers who are not as confident in delivering music. Super, fun warm-ups which I have used at assembly and in the classroom. A great resource!

Roseanne Smith, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire


The children are enjoying the music and the variety of fun activities, eg raps.

Ailsa Walker, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire


Children in P5/6 and in P6/7 have enjoyed writing both raps/blues. At first some children find singing quite daunting but they develop more confidence as they practise. I can see a real change in them as we progress through the Journeys.
Rhona Crawford, Primary Class Teacher, Dunlop PS, East Ayrshire




What do people using ABC for ASN/SEN think of it?

A great resource- easy to use and enjoyed by the children. an easy resource to use and the kids love it… fantastic… Jack amazed us with his responses and amazed himself… great rhythm practice… children respond well to abc packs and it is straight forward to follow.“    Park Special School. East Ayrshire

For everyone in the school who are not musically trained and very intimidated by a music program it’s been a really simple resource just to let them use and have a great effect with the children.  It’s just so simple…the children can take part and make their own music on their own level.. but you can also see the progression as the children get a bit older.It’s been really really welcomed by the staff I think first of all its a very simple resource to use everything is clearly laid out, very colourful. The overall effect of the programme within the school is just that the children absolutely and utterly enjoy every moment.“     Rhoda MacDougall, Headteacher, Lochies School, Clackmannanshire

In 2012 the ABC for ASN/SEN1 Pack 1 was used at Belvoir Special School Wodonga Victoria Australia this is a brief summary.
 The aim of the creative music classes is to give students a broad range of experiences that includes: listening; selecting; participating; composing; arranging; improvising; designing; building instruments; performing; analyzing and adapting in a safe, positive and happy learning environment. This year we incorporated elements of the ABC for ASN/SEN1 Pack 1 into the three junior classes of the school with successful results. The students have enthusiastically embraced: listening and responding; performing to musical cues; responding to symbols and visual cues; body awareness and movement; and the creativity of choosing when using the ABC ASN/SEN 1 resource materials. I’m pleased to have added the ABC resources into our junior creative music program and I hope to add further appropriate ABC programs in 2013.”  
Pete Klein, Creative Music Teacher, Belvoir Special School, Wodonga Victoria, Australia




ABC Music is fantastic! To me the letters represent – – –

A – Absolutely  B – Brilliant for non musical   C – Classroom teachers

Having experienced a variety of music schemes within the primary sector A B C Music arrived as a breath of fresh air.
No complicated musical vocabulary or notation yet the same skills covered in a user friendly scheme. Ideal for non-musical teachers.
Each section of the scheme is explained step by step and all resources are included.

Initially I piloted this scheme with primary four and progressed to working with every stage in our school, assisting every stage teacher.
Kirkstyle Primary School have now adopted A B C Music as our core scheme and our staff feel that we have finally found a music programme which is accessible to all.

The staff are comfortable and our children love it!

The support system is great. Follow up support visits are personal, positive and reassuring.

In my personal opinion this is a fantastic scheme which I would recommend for the Primary Sector.
Well done A B C for finding a teacher friendly resource which incorporates all the required skills without the worries for staff of not being a music specialist.
A last word from the children themselves—
P4- “Great it’s time for music!”
P7- “I really like this Mrs McLean!”
P2- “I’m a great monster!”
P6- “Can we play my name is Tom?”

From myself – I really feel this scheme is perfectly suited to the “Curriculum for Excellence” as it encourages children to become independent learners and relates totally to all requirements of this document.”

Ros McLean, Primary 2 Classroom & Music Support Teacher, Kirkstyle Primary School, Kilmarnock



Whenever ABC produce something it is guaranteed to be a success with teachers and children alike. There is always a very clear progression and the instructions are fool proof!

 I have really enjoyed using GCTM with P7’s/Year 6. The children have also really enjoyed learning about and playing the rhythms from Cuba, India, Scotland and Africa. The Dvd and CD have been a great help with this and we have had a lot of fun while rehearsing towards performance.

Although directed at class teachers the pack would also be extremely useful for music specialists and co-ordinators.

I like the way children are also encouraged to listen to world music and then to use ICT and download music from iTunes. Thanks for putting this very useful pack together.

C.A Music Specialist, Duddingston Primary School, Edinburgh


“What a fantastic resource! I have never seen children so excited about music!”

Alet Swanepoel, Craigour Park Primary School, Edinburgh


Thank you for a very interesting and informative training session on Friday afternoon. There was a lot of information but it was made easy to take in. Thanks. The resource seems very comprehensive and thorough and it appears that you have thought through all aspects of the program…… it looks great, interesting, fun and easy to deliver. I look forward to starting.

S.P. P7 Class teacher, Edinburgh