Drumming, Dancing, Creativity, Global Citizenship, Personal & Social Development


African Drumming & Dancing Experience

One Day African Drumming & Dancing Experience POA

  • One Day workshop of Traditional Ghanaian drumming and dancing
  • Led by a master drummer and a master dancer – both from Ghana.
  • Up to 60 P5-7 children can take part
  • Ends in a performance to the whole school.
  • A fun and unforgettable experience for your whole school.

4-6 week ABC African Drumming& Dance Experience: POA

  • Adds breadth & depth of learning to the one day African Drum & Dance workshop
  • Initial visit by ABC trainer with children demonstrates how to learn drumming patterns using body percussion and dance patterns
  • Same day CPD session shows class teachers how to use video drumming and dancing courses on ABC website to learn from 2 Ghanaian masters on screen.
  • Classes can practice drumming and dancing with class teacher over several weeks before Final visit by 2 Ghanaian Masters  – meaning skills development and impact on children is much greater
  • Video diaries from children in Ghana and Malawi and visit by Ghanaian master drummer and dancer provide great opportunity for Global Citizenship learning around project.
  • Course also encourages self expression through improvising on drums and freestyle dancing.
  • Witness the transformative journey from “it is unthinkable that I would dance freestyle in front of my classmates” to ” it is unthinkable that I WOULDNT dance freestyle in front of my classmates”.


For more information contact Tom Bancroft on +447974 983701  or tom@abccreativemusic.com

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