We are delighted to announce that these resources have won the
2018 Teach Early Years Award for Early Years Music Resources!

“This is the complete package for anyone setting up an early years music programme from scratch.
It’s a varied, imaginative programme, developing key musical skills such as rhythm and pitch;
is user-friendly, neat and easy to store. It’s fantastic value for money too.” 
Sam Dixon, Judge – Teach Early Years Magazine

This new multi-platform Musicality resource for 3-6 year-olds was launched to a great reception in 80 primary based nursery classes in North Lanarkshire in Feb 2014, after a 3 year R&D programme based on current child development research and Early Years practice. The R&D has continued, based on feedback from the ever-expanding user base, and the resources have been updated and improved every year since – including 2018.

Since 2014 the resources have now been rolled out in all of North Lanarkshire’s Family Learning Centres and SEN nurseries, and most of their private partner nurseries as well. In addition, this revolutionary resource is now being used in nurseries and ASN/SEN schools in many more Scottish Local Authorities including Edinburgh, Midlothian, Aberdeenshire, South Lanarkshire, Clackmannanshire, Inverclyde, and East Renfrewshire.

It is unique in combining:

  • Child-friendly activities on interactive whiteboards and iPads
  • A ring-binder with simple laminated instructions for group activities
  • Clear strategies for working in Freeplay settings
  • Topic-themed resource banks- to provide the flexibility to follow children’s changing interests

with all the required teaching aids, puppets and sound files (on Audio CDs and iPads) in a handy jute bag.

A Flexible Cross-Curricular Resource for Child-led Learning

The flexible resource is designed to be in tune with a child-centred approach to Early Years education, with structured guidance on how to adapt existing activities or develop your own musicality activities, allowing you to focus activities on the changing interests of your children, improving engagement and learning.

The resources provide a wide range of off-the-peg adult-led group activities, a rich strategy for use in freeplay, and the resulting range of educational, musical, creative and interactive experiences you can offer children engages many areas of child development and the curriculum, including literacy and numeracy, and is useable by all staff whether or not they are confident in teaching music.

This resource is also now being used widely in SEN settings and getting fantastic results.

A full CPD training programme is available, including on-site nursery/school visits with children and staff.

See more details on ABC’s approach to Early Years musicality here.

Hear some music from the ABC Early Years Musicality resource:

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New-Buying in Instalments:

You can now purchase your Musicality Resources in 4 instalments, each costing £100 including P&P Ex-VAT.

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More Information

What does the Musicality Resource and Early Years Website Contain?

The 3-6 Musicality Resource pack contains over 60 laminated activity instructions, 4 CDs, Educator Guides and Topic-themed Resource Banks, with a huge array of velcro-backed icons and visual aids, two puppets, and a sticky-label curricular coding system (click on the picture above).

It includes an overview of research into brain development in children and guidance on best-practice in Early Years Musicality.

Parent log-ins give access to the online interactives and musicality training material at home.

The new Early Years website provides on-line musicality training for Educators and parents, on-screen interactives, and an online cross-curricular planning and assessment module designed especially for Early Years Educators.

Interactives, training material, resources, and online assessment are also available for iPad, and can be downloaded direct from inside our website at no extra cost.

Linked Instrumental Resources

The Musicality resources are linked to the exciting new range of ABC Instrument Bags.


Provided in sets of 8 or 11, each mini-jute bag contains an identical set of untuned percussion instruments, and a colour-coded pitched bell and chime bar, so no time is wasted arguing over who gets what!.

See more information on the contents and educational benefits of ABC Instrument bags here.

You can see the results of the ABC Early Years 2017 User Survey by clicking here.

For more info, please contact tom@abccreativemusic.com.