Year 4/P5 Pack v3.0


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The ABC Creative Music Pack for Year 4/Primary 5 contains:

  • A hard-wearing ring-binder with over 50 laminated lesson plans.
  • Simple step-by-step Instructions written like a script, so if you’ve not had time to prepare, read out the lesson plan to run the class.
  • 3 Audio CDs with over 3 hours of music.
  • Over 35 pages of photo-copiable handouts.
  • Age-appropriate composition system: One laminated A3 Grid Teaching Aid and over 24 velcro-backed playing-card-sized icons, in 1 set: Shapes+ (Square, Circle, Triangle, Shhh).
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Product Description

The ABC Creative Music Pack for Year 4/Primary 5 helps children:

  • Develop small group composition and performance on untuned and tuned percussion further, using downloadable handouts and the audition format.
  • Use rhythm, pitch and lyrics to compose songs- which can be adapted to different topics.
  • Develop drum rudiment skills with the Star Drummer Pack- using left and right sticking patterns in composition and performance.
  • Learn large scale compositions as a whole class on chime bars, shakers and percussion- to prepare pieces for performance and learn notation, arrangement and instrumental skills.
  • Develop improvising skills using voice and percussion.
  • The simple shape notation used in the previous packs is expanded with ‘sticks’ added to the shapes in a step towards understanding conventional notation.
  • Concepts
 of call and response, AABA Phrases and resolution/variation are explored.
  • Improvisation skills are developed using Repeat, Alternate, Jumble activities on chime bars.
  • Group work starts in earnest with an emphasis on composing and rehearsing for performance.


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