Year 6 /P7 Pack v3.0


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  • Develop all the rhythmic, composition and improvising skills introduced at the end of the Year 5/P6 resource.
  • Learn to play pre-composed performance pieces as a whole class, with lyrics and melody, chords and percussion groove, to prepare material for performance and learn about new concepts.
  • Compose as bands with 3 beat bars and 8-beat ideas- with melody, chord and Hi/Mid/Lo percussion grooves.
  • Learn to use the tie-icon, to compose with long notes lasting 2, 3 or 4 beats.
  • Add lyrics to make topic related compositions.
  • Learn a performance piece- Kaleidoscope life- using Ostinatos (repeated patterns) then compose your own ostinatos , and band compositions using Ostinatos.
  • Use creative writing modules to explore rhyme schemes, and develop lyrics for topic related modules.
  • Develop composition and teamworking skills to work in bands with a melody team, chord team, and groove team.
  • Compose more complex songs with 2 note chords and use innovative techniques to develop song & lyric writing skills e.g. make imaginary interviews with song subjects, use word boxes, study rhyming schemes.


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