Place creating and performing at the heart of your children’s musical experiences from Reception/Primary 1 onwards.

  • Fresh approaches to notation, improvisation and composition help children create on-screen, then perform using voice, body and classroom percussion.
  • Smart design guarantees rewarding musical outcomes, giving you confidence and your children ownership- “I composed that- and it sounds great!”
  • Skills are transferred to music-making in small groups using downloadable handouts- great for team-work, communication and lots of fun while learning!
  • Explore a progressive sequence of age-appropriate sounds, symbols and concepts- animal noises, actions, instrumental sounds, rhythm, pitch and lyrics.

Great for non-specialists- everything you need is on-screen:

  • Your traffic-light assessments stored on a secure website, with printable reports, curricular coding/planning, training videos and rapid IT support.
  • Smart classroom management in group work, driving skills development through structured auditions, peer feedback and rehearsal timers.
  • Video tuition for instrumental, rhythm, pitch and singing skills, allowing non-specialists to learn with their class.

Our exciting ‘Create with Pitch’ programme for Upper Primary features:

  • ABC Pitch Composer- try it for yourself! Go here and get composing!
  • MusicLab- groups compose on-screen in your IT suite, before rehearsing and performing as bands on real instruments in a fun audition format.
    Compose It, Hear It, Learn It, Perform It.
  • Find out more here

ABC Favourites, allows all children to play instrumental arrangements of their favourite songs.

  • Lower and Middle Primary play harmony parts on classroom tuned percussion, while others sing the song.
  • Upper Primary learn to play the melody.
  • Four interfaces progress to suit children’s developing skills- ideal for differentiation in mixed ability and composite classes
  • Providing performance pieces for individual groups, classes, or if you are feeling ambitious, the whole school!
  • To find out more, go here.

Supports aCfE and the New National Curriculum – more info here.


Learning about musical creativity has never been easier at home! Our programmes are designed to be taught by non-music specialists. Try out our free 30-day subscription:
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It's never to early to introduce musical creativity in the classroom, which is why we have resources aimed at the Early Years. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial:
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Happy St Andrew's Day! We have Scots Language and Gaelic resources for the classroom: to find out more.
We have a FREE 30-day subscription for you to try out in your classroom!

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Our CPD training covers Early Years up to KS2 (including ASN/SEN provision) and allows non-specialist teachers to deliver music creativity in a confident way, resulting in engaged children. They can see how to improve their skills and how to become more creative.

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