ABC Instrument Bags

An exciting new approach to instrumental learning for Early Years and SEN/ASN


  • Gives each of your children the same set of instruments in their own jute bag
  • Structures group layout and gives each child a sense of ownership and focus for instrumental learning
  • Quick and easy for you to get out and put away, with many choosing games, and activities to develop numeracy and literacy
  • In 8 or 11-bag sets, to suit the size of your key groups. Other set sizes available on request.

Learning about musical creativity has never been easier at home! Our programmes are designed to be taught by non-music specialists. Try out our free 30-day subscription:
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It's never to early to introduce musical creativity in the classroom, which is why we have resources aimed at the Early Years. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial:
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Happy St Andrew's Day! We have Scots Language and Gaelic resources for the classroom: to find out more.
We have a FREE 30-day subscription for you to try out in your classroom!

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Our CPD training covers Early Years up to KS2 (including ASN/SEN provision) and allows non-specialist teachers to deliver music creativity in a confident way, resulting in engaged children. They can see how to improve their skills and how to become more creative.

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