ABC and the New National Curriculum

ABC Creative Music’s programme meets the aims of the New National Curriculum

“To engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians,

and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.” NC 2014

  • ABC brings a genuine creative music-making culture into your classroom.
  • Places decision-making and performance at the heart of children’s musical experiences.
  • Ensuring engagement, enjoyment, and a real sense of ownership and achievement in all.


  • Innovative approaches to improvisation and composition will help your children become experienced at creating and performing their own music, and listening to and assessing the music of others.
  • Smart activity designs guarantee you clear and rewarding performance outcomes: easy to teach, satisfying for your children- while giving a real practical education in music-making.
  • From reception onwards, children explore music through age-appropriate activities and notation, that develops in sophistication as they grow.
  • Structured auditions, peer feedback, and rehearsal timers provides smart support for group creativity and rehearsal driving engagement and instrumental and vocal skill development.
  • The ABC programme gives you lots of original songs and activities, exploring many musical styles from around the world: Jazz, Folk, Blues, Classical, African, Indian, Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop.
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    For more detailed information on ABC Online and the New National Curriculum, go here.