ABC Instrument Bags: 11-Bag Set


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Winner of the 2018 Teach Early Years Awards 2018 for music resources-
this set of instrument bags comprises 11 numbered mini-jute bags,
each containing the same sets of percussion instruments- with drums, pitched bells and chime bars.

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ABC Instrument Bags are winners of the
2018 Teach Early Years Awards for Music Resources.

Provide your Nursery or ASN/SEN centre with a range of instruments- in a child-friendly format: ABC Instrument bags. These quality instruments are supplied by Percussion Plus/Tom and Will (UK).

Your set of 11 bags come packed in a handy IKEA-style carrier. Each bag contains the same set of 5 untuned percussion instruments- cluster bells, mini maraca, 6″ tambourine, woodblock/scraper + wooden beater, and a triangle + metal beater.  The mini-jute bags are h20 cm x  w30 cm x d15 cm.

Each set comes with 8 colour-coded chime bars and 11 colour-coded pitched bells- which can be also used in the bags- (one bell and/or chime bar + beater per bag).

Each bag has a colour-coded and numbered label (0-10) which match the coloured bells and chime bars, and the reverse side contains a contents list, helping children to make tidying up a fun activity.

Included are 2 x 25cm and 2 x 15cm drums + beaters.

Due to the size and weight, we have to charge £20 Postage and Packing charge- via Parcelforce 48-hours. Dispatch is usually within 1 week of date of order.

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Weight 16 kg


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    (verified owner):

    “This is the complete package for anyone setting up an Early Years Music programme from scratch, and fantastic value for money.”
    Sam Dixon- Teacher, composer and musical educator and judge for Teach Early Years Awards 2018.

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    (verified owner):

    “Children love to have the chance to have their own special bag and they love to explore its contents.” ABC User Survey 2017

  3. 0 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    “The children very much enjoy using the instrument bags and the types of instruments included are varied and effective in promoting their listening and creative skills.” ABC User Survey 2017

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    (verified owner):

    “I use the bags with the resources and also in other musical activities and games. The children love the fact they have their own bags, or share with a friend. They can explore the number of instruments in the bag learning their names and sounds. These can be changed with others giving them more of a variety to chose from.” ABC User Survey 2017

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