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Raising Attainment: Early Years to Primary 3/ Learning Support: Numeracy & Literacy Boost

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This fully featured package provides a music-based boost to literacy and numeracy for a wide range of children from pre-school children in your nursery through to children in P3. This programme is also ideal for use with older children receiving Learning Support in Literacy and Numeracy. This is a key age-range for closing the poverty-related attainment gap. Music activities and high-quality instruments, visual aids, and interactives can make numbers, letters and sounds come alive and significantly improve engagement, concentration and listening skills.

This package provides targeted CPD training, in school support visits, high-quality instruments and visual aids. New activities and interactives for interactive whiteboard and iPad apps all provided at the trusted ABC Creative Music quality level. These new instruments and interactives add to and extend your existing ABC Early Years and Primary programmes.

Both Large and Small School packages include:
  • Access to New Numeracy & Literacy Boost Interactives for your Early Years Website and Primary Website and a set of iPad apps for use in Nursery and Primary
  • Access to 2x ABC CPD sessions on the EY to Primary Transition Numeracy & Literacy Boost for 4 staff (more staff can attend at £20 per head – free if you host)
  • 2x Support Visits to your Nursery & P1/2 Classes (Half-day for Small Schools, Whole day for Large Schools)
  • 12 Months Subscription to ABC Online for Primary is included or refunded if already paid.
The Large School Package also includes:
  • Instruments:  Full set of 12 Lower Primary Instrument Bags including 2 Sets of 11 Numbered/Coloured Pitch Hand Bells and a wide range of over 60 pieces of untuned percussion- in 13 high-quality jute bags worth £500 +
  • These Lower Primary Instrument bags are developed from our popular Early Years Instrument bag sets already in North Lanarkshire Nursery Classes.
  • Visual Aids:  4 sets of Numeracy Boost Visual Aids for your P1 and Nursery Class worth £80
The Small School Package also includes:
  • Instruments:  2 Sets of 11 Numbered/Coloured Pitch Hand Bells worth £90 +
  • Visual Aids:  2 sets of Numeracy Boost Visual Aids for your P1 and Nursery Class worth £40

Topics these resources will cover, include:


  • Counting up to 5,10 and 20 and down again. Counting On and Counting Down. Next Number After & Before, Odd & Even Numbers, Number Bonds to 10, 1:1 Correspondence. Simple telling the time. Numeracy Songs for different times of day, Simple Position (forward, back, turn left, turn right). Simple Fractions – equal fair halves quarters, Measuring – language of length/weight/height plus more….


  • Listening Skills, Sound & Symbol, Nursery Rhymes, Syllable Rhythm Games, Syllable Segmentation, Target Word Stories, Phonemic Awareness, Simple Rhyme Games, Alphabet/Letters plus ….

Package Price:

Large School (10 classes or more) – £1499 & VAT

Small School (up to 9 classes):  – £899 & VAT

For more information or to order email
If you need to speak to someone call Tom on 0131 510 0678.

• Package will be delivered from August 2018. Book before the end of March for 10% off.