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Early Years to P3/Learning Support: Numeracy & Literacy Boost

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This fully-featured package boosts literacy and numeracy for a wide range from pre-schoolers to P3 children- a key age-range for closing the poverty-related attainment gap. High-quality teaching resources make numbers, letters and sounds come alive and significantly improve engagement, concentration and listening skills.This

This program is also perfect for older children receiving Learning Support for Literacy & Numeracy.

This package includes targeted CPD training for your Early Years and Lower Primary staff, along with our valued in-school support visits demonstrating activities with children present, including approaches to modelling in Freeplay. The new activities, instruments and interactives for whiteboard and iPad apps in this offer will extend your existing ABC Early Years and Primary programmes, all provided at the trusted ABC Creative Music quality level. We will continue to test, evaluate, and incorporate your feedback and ideas as we proceed.

These new instruments and interactives add to and extend your existing ABC Early Years and Primary programmes.

Especially loved in the ABC Early Years Musicality Resource are the combination of high- quality instruments in easily managed jute bags coordinating with smart but easy to run activities and linked interactives on website and iPad. Within this set of instruments the true stars are the pitch handbells – so easy for young children to play and such a captivating sound.


The numbered pitch bells become an audible number line, numbers children can play and hear. You will get two sets of number bells to go with the set you already have in nursery plus associated visual aids.

Effective Transition

Extend the learning philosophy from nursery into P1, and beyond, providing a consistent transition while helping children extend and consolidate their numeracy and literacy. Give your staff alternative strategies for literacy and numeracy in Lower Primary whilst boosting your music provision. A unique approach to both adult-led and freeplay learning helps reach children who find sitting and listening to instructions a challenge


North Lanarkshire: Feedback on ABC Early Years Musicality Resource

The ABC Early Years Musicality resource has been a big success in North Lanarkshire. Here are some quotes from North Lanarkshire Early Years educators.

It is a fun way to learn and gives the added bonus of developing literacy and numeracy.
We love it and it is a resource that we are just scraping the surface of as it is so bountiful.

The ABC resources are fabulous and our children have benefitted not just in music but
across the curriculum. I would highly recommend.

I’ve been using the pack for a few years and find it very useful. All activities are pitched a suitable level for the children we work with.

I’m confident with adapting and extending where necessary.In fact we love the resource pack.

Fabulous resources – beautifully presented.


What do existing users think of ABC Early Years Music Resources?

We are constantly responding to feedback and improving our resources based on the feedback from our hundreds of existing user nurseries. To see the results of our 2017 user survey click on the download link below.

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