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P1-7 Creativity, Language & Literacy Focus

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Creative Music can you give your staff effective alternative strategies
to engage your children in learning about listening, language and literacy.

Teachers using our Primary resources often tell us “There is so much material, it is hard to take it all in.”

This programme provides targeted CPD to guide your staff in using new and existing ABC resources to extract the full potential of music and creativity in engaging and exciting children; to provide the authentic emotional experience of creating and social music-making for your children, before asking them to reflect on and express those feelings in words by writing them down.

ABC resources interact with listening, language and literacy in numerous ways. This training programme brings them all together for your staff, providing simple strategies to engage and help your children to progress their own learning within your Raising Attainment strategy.

It goes without saying this will also refresh music provision in your school.

Key areas in this programme:

Lower Primary Literacy

  • This package will contain all the P1/2 literacy material in Package A.

 Emotional Literacy, Talking & Writing About Feelings

  • P1-7: How to use the Style & Genre module to get children to talk and write about how different kinds of music makes them feel.
  • P1-4: See how the Explore Materials strands encourages children to talk about sounds, find and share words and images that describe them,
              and use sounds to tell stories.
  • P3-7: Use the ‘I Carry You In My Heart’ Module to explore loss and separation.
  • P5-7: Use the ‘Sing the Blues’ module to explore feeling Down and Angry and convert that constructively into written word, lyrics, and short stories.
  • P5-7: Use Creative & Performance Reflective Diaries as a way of using the real experiences of creating and performing music and lyrics as material
              to write about and present.

Creativity, Song & Lyric Writing

  • P4/5: Compose lyrics whilst doing the Star Drummer Activity.
  • P5-7: Learn how to use the powerful new Create With Pitch Interactives to compose songs and lyrics on any topic.
  • P5-7: Use Sing the Blues and We Are We Do lyric writing activities to explore Emotional Literacy writing about the children’s own experiences.

Scots Language

  • For some children, learn to sing songs in your own langauge.
  • For others, learn about our heritage and history and enjoy two beautiful new languages.
  • Compose raps and songs using Scots words

Foreign Language Resources

  • Explore the French & Spanish resources in ABC Online for Lower & Upper Primary and see how they develop
    music, personal, listening, and language skills.