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Personal Development through African Drumming & Dance:

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Basic African Drumming & Dance Package: £999 & VAT

  • Involve up to 2 P5-7 classes.
  • 2hr in-class Support Visit by ABC trainer with children-demonstrates how to learn drumming patterns using body percussion and dance patterns
  • CPD session shows class teachers how to use video drumming and dancing courses on ABC website to learn from 2 Ghanaian masters on screen.
  • Classes can practice drumming and dancing with class teacher over several weeks before final visit by 2 Ghanaian Masters  – meaning skills development and impact on children is much greater
  • Video diaries from children in Ghana and Malawi and visit by Ghanaian master drummer and dancer provide great opportunity for Global Citizenship learning around project.
  • Course also encourages self expression through improvising on drums and freestyle dancing.
  • Witness the transformative journey from “it is unthinkable that I would dance freestyle in front of my classmates” to ” it is unthinkable that I WOULDN’T dance freestyle in front of my classmates”.
  • 12 months ABC Creative Music Online Subscription (to the value of £175) included*


African Drumming & Dance & ABC Creative Music Refresh Package: £1499 & VAT

  • Contains all the elements of the basic package.
  • Uses the African Drumming & Dance Experience as a way to refresh creative music provision in your school targeted at wider benefits including personal development.
  • Access to New to ABC and Follow on CPD for all your staff**
  • A Full Support Day in your school for Primary and or Nursery class
  • CD and Support Day training targeted at building a creativity and performance culture in your school.
  • 12 months ABC Creative Music Online Subscription (to the value of £175) included*


For more information or to order email
If you need to speak to someone call Tom on 0131 510 0678.

Package will be delivered from May 2018. Book before the end of March for 10% off.

* subscription value up to £175 refunded if already paid or can be used for following year.

** CPD may involve staff from another school doing the same programme.