Year 4/P5 Pack











£180 & VAT & P&P: contains Ringbinder with lesson plans, 2xCD, A3 AB Grid, 1 sets of icons:
shapes, & photocopiable handouts.

Develops more complex composition, simple improvisation and drumming skills in a way
that means ALL your students are ‘doomed to succeed’ and have fun.
The simple shape notation used in the previous packs is expanded with ‘sticks’
added to the shapes in a step towards understanding conventional notation.
 of call and response, AABA Phrases and resolution/variation are explored.
Improvisation skills are developed using Repeat, Alternate, Jumble activities on chime bars.
Learn concepts and notation skills by playing pre-composed compositions on voice and classroom instruments.
Develop drum rudiment skills with the Star Drummer Pack. Group work starts in earnest
with an emphasis on composing and rehearsing for performance.

Click on links below for pop up sample pages.

Associated audio tracks below where relevant.


Year 4/P5 Pack - Contents Page


Sample Activity 1 - Rhythm Makes You Move


Sample Activity 2 - Star Drummers


Sample Activity 3 - DIY Shakers



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