Year 3/P4 Pack

£180 & VAT & P&P: contains Ringbinder with lesson plans, 2xCD, A3 AB Grid, 1 sets of icons:
shapes, & photocopiable handouts.

Continues ‘explore materials’ strand using hands and voice and introduces the unique ‘Story Kit’.
Start to compose with lyrics and in groups.
Core rhythm, pitch and creativity skills are consolidated. Explore materials and create sound sequences.
In this pack the class writes stories using the Story Kit and then creates a soundtrack.
Compose, improvise, and perform using lyrics, pitch, shape notation and a wider range of tempos.
Children start to work in bands.

Click on links below for pop up sample pages.

Associated audio tracks below where relevant.

Year 3/P4 Pack - Contents Page

Sample Activity 1 - We Are the Animals

Sample Activity 2 - Monday Tuesday

Sample Activity 3 -Shapes in Groups

Sample Activity 4 - Story Kit

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