Year 2/Primary 3 Music Pack

£180 & VAT & P&P: The ABC Creative Music Pack for Year 2/Primary 3 contains:

A hard-wearing ring-binder with 45 laminated lesson plans

Simple language and a clear colourful layout– designed for everyday use in a busy classroom. Instructions are written like a script, so if you haven’t had time to prepare, you can read out the lesson plan to run the class. See samples below.

Two audio CDs with over 2 hours of lively high-quality music in a range of styles and instruments- hear samples below.

2 laminated A3 Teaching Aids with velcro, and 97 velcro-backed icons (85 x 55mm) give an easy-to-use hard-wearing format to allow children to compose and conduct improvisations with age-appropriate symbols, provided in 4 sets:

Shapes (6 each of Square, Circle, Triangle and Shhh),

Actions (5 each of Clap, Jump, Stomp, Woo and Play),

Animal Noises (6 each of Woof, Miaow, Oink, Moo),

and Percussion Sounds (6 of Shake,Tap/Scrape, Ting, Boom).

Clear instructions on use of classroom instruments.

Click on links below for pop up sample pages.

Associated audio tracks below where relevant.

Year 2/P3 Pack - Contents Page

Sample Activity 1 - Hide & Seek:Cat & Mouse

Sample Activity 2 - Tell the Difference - Hi/Lo/Same

Sample Activity 3 - Plastic is Fantastic

A Teacher’s Guide includes advice on room layout, troubleshooting rhythmic problems, using a CD player etc. Curricular Planning sheets are downloadable from our support website. Add a standard set of classroom percussion instruments, and you have everything you need to run the ABC Creative Music Programme in your class.

What an ABC Creative Music Programme Offers You…

The Yr2/P3 programme contains 3 intro journeys (which revise Year1/P2 material) and 7 journeys of new material, with 45 lesson plans.

A creative music programme brings a warm spontaneous atmosphere to your classroom, with fun but richly meaningful social interaction in all your music sessions.

Creativity is supported by a balance of choice and structure, embedded into the activity design. This helps teachers and guides children to produce clear musical outcomes that engage and excite, while leaving them with genuine creative decisions to make, with the resulting feeling of ownership and achievement.

What Skills & Concepts Will Children Learn- Brief Summary

The programme develops:

active listening skills, visual attention, gross and fine motor skills, language and social skills- and develops a sense of rhythm and pitch, as well as instrumental and singing skills.

The use of symbols and numbers develops literacy and mathematical skills and concepts.

Introduces the development of a finer sense of pitch and enables children to respond to a simple rhythm notation system using shapes. Shape notation is easy for non-specialist teachers and children to understand, and easily evolves into coventional rhythm notation. Through this, the more complex musical concepts of : one, two or ‘no’ sounds per beat are established. Pitch concepts – higher/lower/the same – and repetition are introduced and chidren begin to compose and perform with extra confidence. Start to recognise instrument types and explore materials using plastic. A fuller description of the programme will be posted shortly.

Listen to sample audio tracks here.

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