Reception/P1 Pack v3.0


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The ABC Creative Music Pack for Reception/Primary 1 contains:

  • A hard-wearing ring-binder with over 30 laminated lesson plans.
  • Simple step-by-step Instructions written like a script, so if you’ve not had time to prepare, read out the lesson plan to run the class.
  • Audio CD with over 75 minutes of music.
  • Age-appropriate composition system: 2 laminated A3 Teaching Aids and over 70 velcro-backed playing card sized icons, in 3 sets: Animal Noises (Woof, Miaow, Oink and Moo), Actions (Clap, Jump, Stomp, Woo and Play), and Percussion (Drum,Tambourine, Bells, Shaker).
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Product Description

  • Contains over 30 progressive child-centred creative music activities.
  • Easy to use for ALL staff, even those who feel unconfident with music.
  • Children compose and perform with animal noises, actions and percussion sounds-
    using child-friendly teaching aids.
  • Simple language and a clear colourful layout- designed for everyday use in a busy classroom.
  • Curricular planning and assessment sheets for aCFE or NC/Keystages.

Introduces the general skills:

visual attention, listening, working with instruments as a group, turn-taking

and develops these into the musical skills of prompted performance with simple untuned percussion, voice, and body movement. Pupils are taught how to make simple choices and improvise by pointing at symbols. Early composition skills are introduced by sequencing animal noises, actions and percussion sounds using icons, Throughout the pack , the concepts of Sound/Silence, Numbers of Sounds, Left & Right, and Repetition are introduced and developed. Progressive activities develop a sense of rhythm and the use of a count. The course lays the foundation for musical creativity. Includes an ‘Explore Materials’ strand using paper.


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