ABC Development  Pack for Instrumental Teachers £80 & VAT

This pack (catalogue no: abcip02) :


  • Helps your instrumental students develop improvisational skills using the ABC method.
  • Teaches the phrase building skills required to become an improviser.
  • Starts with words and scat sounds, then move on to triads, and then to scales.
  • Starts students with “I point you play” to learn the decision making skills, then put those skills to work on their own instrument.
  • Teaches students to compose, improvise and start to cope with changing chords.
  • is for concert, Eb and Bb instruments

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Comments from teachers already using ABC  Instrumental Packs in Primary Schools

I think it is really good. I’m not a jazzer, but it got hold of me as soon as I put on the CD. When you’re trying to play solos, people tend to play loads of notes, but with these resources, students
right away start using a structure, using repetition or contrast. AABA phrases really makes sense to people. It all made sense, I really enjoyed it. I found it very clear and simple in approach, and it
can be incorporated in all age groups. It’s very logical and good fun.

John McCrory, Instrumental Instructor, S Lanarkshire
Non-Jazz Specialist using Instrumental Pack