Birth to 3 & Early Years Musicality Resource


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This is a new resource recently launched in 72 nurseries in North Lanarkshire. This is a unique resource in providing a wide range of  adult led -activities for the 3-6 age range, as well as an innovative approach for working within a Child Led/Free Play approach for children aged 0-6.

This resource is totally in tune with modern child centred approaches to early years education, links fully with all areas of child development including developing literacy and numeracy, and is useable by all staff whether or not they are confident in teaching music.

The resource contains 3 CDs, lesson plans, educator guides and resource banks as well as a huge array of visual aids, two puppets, and a sticky label curricular coding system.

The resource is co-ordinated with an online website providing online educator musicality training,  online interactives, an online assessment system, and the facility to issue parent log ins allowing parents to access online interactives and musicality training material at home. Interactives, educator training material, and online assessment are also available via iPad.

This resource will be available for purchase from February 2014 but preview/assessment copies are available now, please contact for details.