Several Scottish local authorities now use ABC Online
as a mainstay of their YMI Primary music provision,
with more looking to us each year.


ABC Programmes…


  • Are cost-effective with a proven track record:
    Our 15 years of experience, means we understand the current funding picture,
    and the time pressure and financial constraints you are under.
  • Place genuine creative music-making at the heart of your classrooms
    from Primary 1 onwards.
  • Are great for non-specialists:
    Everything you need is on-screen- with proven training and support packages at >95% approval rates.

At ABC, we care about quality creative music education,
and the positive impact it has on children’s learning and development.

So, while we are proud to now have over 5000 teachers registered with our Online resource,

we are always striving to improve our resources, and are delighted to announce two major new programmes:

  • The ‘Create with Pitch’ programme for Upper Primary featuring
    a fantastic on-screen pitch composer and ABC Pitch Palettes.

    Try it for yourself. Compose something here.

  • Our wonderful African Music Festival Programme- find out more here.


Next Steps:


I need more info?

There are info videos covering:

Primary Resources here.

Training and Support Options here.

Music Leader here.

African Music Festival here.


Do you have referees?

We can provide referees from local authorities where they are rolling out ABC Online
to all primary schools in their area.

Please contact to request contact details of referees.


Can I see the resources for myself- or ask my team to look at them?

Go here for a 1-month full access log-in to explore the online resources.


How might you help my particular situation?

We are happy to come to see you, to give you a demo, and discuss a programme that address the challenges you face.

Please contact to ask for more information, arrange a call or a meeting.