ABC Creative Music Online

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    • A new way to teach creative music through your interactive whiteboard.
    • Child-friendly activities guarantee clear musical outcomes, but give children control,
      creating real ownership and achievement.
    • So simple you can deliver a very effective programme, even if you feel unconfident about music.

Easy to use, so great for a busy classroom. But most importantly, I’ve seen the growing confidence of children
previously ‘turned off’ by music in school. They are having so much fun, they don’t realise they are learning.

Kirstie Love, Primary Teacher, Queensferry Primary, Edinburgh


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The ABC website transformed music in our school. The activities are fun and the children get a real sense of achievement from completing them. I love using the website as everything is at your fingertips – from clear instructions to the music needed for each activity.
Jane Andrew, Class Teacher, East Ayrshire

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