ABC Music for SEN 3

ABC Music for SEN Pack 3

  • A fun, child-centred creative music course, with progressive activities following on from SEN 1.
  • Adapted for children with a range of Special Educational Needs.
  • Available as a resource pack and/or an online course delivered via interactive whiteboard.
  • Easy to use for ALL staff, even those who feel unconfident with music.

We liked the ABC Music for SEN Pack 1 so much we bought the whole set.P.S. East Ayrshire

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ABC Music for SEN Resource Pack 3 contains:
A ringbinder with laminated lesson plans, 2 audio CDs, an A2 PVC double-sided banner teaching aid with velcro,
and 97 velcro-backed A6 icons in 4 sets: shapes, actions, animal noises, and percussion sounds.

NB: You get a free 12-month subscription to ABC Music for SEN Online with any SEN pack purchase.

ABC Music for SEN 3- Resource Pack with 12-month Online subscription:
Price £250 & VAT with FREE SHIPPING in the UK and NI.

If you are not completely satisfied, return packs in resellable condition or cancel subscription within 30 days,
and we’ll refund the full purchase price and any return postage.

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The overall effect of the programme within the school is just that the children absolutely and utterly enjoy every moment.Rhoda MacDougall, Headteacher, Lochies School, Clackmannanshire

The ABC Music for SEN 3 course, follows on from SEN 2 and is designed for Year 2 children in England, 
P3 children in Scotland and for a range of ages and abilities in children with SEN- depending on their individual needs. It can be used without SEN courses 1 & 2.

Click here for ABC Music for SEN 1.

Click here for ABC Music for SEN 3

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