Year 5/P6 Pack v3.0


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  • Develop your drumming skills- playing high and low notes on your homemade jam-jar mini drum kit.
  • Learn to play a large scale percussion composition, to prepare a performance piece for the whole class, and to learn a more interesting structure you will use in compositions.
  • Learn to improvise AAAB and AABA phrases using the fun format called ‘The Human Piano’.
  • Compose rap verses as small groups for a class song.
  • Learn a performance piece- with a drum groove made on Hi, Mid and Lo percussion sounds, a melody made from 3 pitches and a simple chord part.
  • Compose a 3 pitch melody, Hi/Mid/Lo percussion groove and simple chord part, creating a small group performance as a band.
  • Children are now composing fully with pitch and rhythm in 2 bar phrases, 4/4, and 3/4.
  • Notation develops further with the ‘Cool’ icon (Offbeat) and Semicircle icon (4 sounds per beat).
  • Compose on home made Recycled Percussion including the Jam Jar shaker and drum kit for QUIET composition and rehearsal in the classroom.
  • Use the Hi/Lo stave to denote pitch. Compose in 3/4 and with 2 Bar Phrases.
  • Improvisation skills are developed further using Human Piano, and Repeat, Alternate, Jumble 2.
  • Develop lyric writing skills further with a unique and powerful ‘Creative Lyric Writing Module’.


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