Transform Early Years music provision in your local authority…


ABC resources can help your Educators evolve their daily practice, to better support brain development at a critical stage of life.

Now used in three local authority areas, the ABC multi-platform Musicality Resource is a major step-forward in Early Years Music, offering:


  • Effective Training and On-Site Support.
  • Hard-copy resources, CDs and Teaching Aids.
  • Activities presented on Interactive Whiteboards and iPads. Try them for yourself here.
  • Web-based Planning and Assessment.
  • Linked ABC Instrument Bags- in sets of 8 or 11 Bags.    Instr-Bags-Graphic-Just-bags2
  • Strategies for Freeplay and child-led learning.


5 Musicality Areas


Research now shows Musicality underlies the earliest relationships in childhood, and then drives developmentin all areas of the brain.

ABC Resources are divided into 5 Musicality Areas,
represented by this jigsaw, that help children develop:

  • Active Listening Skills –  Listen
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills – Move
    moving to music and making sounds with body percussion.
  • Instrumental Skills – Play Sounds
    making sounds and rhythms with instruments and objects,
    and exploring pitch with coloured bells and chime bars.
  • Vocal Skills – Say and Sing
    finding your voice through vocalising, talking and singing.
  • Choosing Skills – Create
    creating meaning and patterns through play, exploration and choosing

Next Steps:


I need more information?

There are videos covering:

ABC Musicality Resources here.

More in-depth explanation of our approach to Musicality and the Early Years Website here.

Other information:

Try out our on-screen interactives or take a tour of the Early Years website here.

Read more information on ABC Instrument Bags here.


Do you have referees?

We can provide referees from local authorities implementing ABC Musicality resources in all Nurseries in their area.

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Can I see the resources for myself- or ask my team to look at them?

Go here for a 1-month full access log-in to explore the Early Years website.

We can also send you assessment copies of the resource packs and instrument bags.

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How might you help my particular situation?

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