ABC 3-6 Musicality Pack, Early Years Website and iPad Apps

An exciting new approach to Early Years + ASN Music Education

The ABC 3-6 Musicality Pack and Early Years Website provide
flexible resources for a child-led learning environment.

 See a video of the pack and contents here

The Musicality Resource provides educators and parents with:

  • Clear musicality guidelines for good practice based on latest research in brain development.
  • Loads of simple-to-use instructions for learning opportunities in musicality,
  • Guides on how to develop your own activities for flexible learning opportunities
    that follow children’s interests-using Topic-themed resource banks.
  • Assessment guides – telling you what to look for in Children’s responses.
  • Self-train musicality videos on-line and on iPads for educators and parents.

and is linked to the exciting new ABC Instrument Bags- go here for more details.

Hear some music from ABC’s Musicality Resources!

 What is Musicality?

Musicality is communication with information rich in patterns- using sound, but also movement, symbols, gestures and touch.

Why is Musicality good for children’s developing brain?

  • It involves patterns which are very stimulating to the brain
  • It encourages development of movement (Motor) skills
  • It’s lots fun and develops social relationships and language skills
  • It can be Visual (symbols, gestures, expressions) and Auditory (rhythm, pitch, speech),.
  • It is linked to understanding, concepts, words and language,
    and so it can follow children’s interests in a child-led learning environment.

5 Musicality Areas

The resource and website is divided into 5 Musicality Areas ,
represented by this jigsaw, that help children develop:

  • Active Listening Skills –  Listen
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills – Move
    moving to music and making sounds with body percussion.
  • Instrumental Skills – Play Sounds
    making sounds and rhythms with instruments and objects,
    and exploring pitch with coloured bells and chime bars.
  • Vocal Skills – Say and Sing
    finding your voice through vocalising, talking and singing.
  • Choosing Skills – Create
    creating meaning and patterns through play, exploration and choosing

The Early Years Website

Go here to see free trial interactives and a site tour.

The Brand-new Early Years Website offers:
  • Fun, creative interactive activities for children to access on the nursery floor-
  • A Kidzone- accessible from home through parent log-ins- which allows children to explore activities on their own.
  • Downloads of curricular coding stickers.
  • Self-train material- so educators and parents can improve their own understanding of musicality and their own musical skills.
  • Parent log-ins that allow learning to continue at home- and give parent’s access to limited information regarding their own child’s recent activities.
  • Secure Educator log-ins- password-protecting all information about children’s names, learning and assessment data.
  • Assessment pages which can be printed from the website.
  • A floor book which allows any educator to record observations on any child.

The Online Planning and Assessment Module

The Online Planning and assessment module, designed in consultation with Early Years Educators
fits the way Nurseries are set up, and plan for child-led learning.

Educators can use it to:
  • Define a planning period and focus learning intentions in each of the key curricular areas-
    Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Well Being, Expressive Arts and Music
  • See a list of suggested ABC activities for each learning intention.
  • Select favourite activities to explore with their keygroup, each with their own CFE coding.
  • Assess actual learning outcomes for the whole keygroup or for individual children-
    using simple emoticons or date-stamped text.
  • Upload photos and videos into their assessment pages.
  • Choose Next steps and which activities to be carried forward to next planning period.
  • Quickly access any observations on an individual child in their keygroup in the Floorbook,
    and copy and paste this information into on-line summative reports- printable from the website.

Use this resource on iPad

The interactives on the website can now be used directly on an iPad without the need to download an App, although Apps are available on the App store, if your nursery has poor internet connection. The iPad is a great tool for nursery and our resource is great on an iPad.

ABC Early Years Musicality Resource for 3-6 year olds

Resource Pack with 12-month Online subscription:
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